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NNN Loans

When a triple net marketable lease property is offered, the lessee is responsible for property taxes, property maintenance, and repair, insurance, in addition to standard rent and utilities. This saves the property owner a large sum of cash thanks to the tenant’s responsibility that nearly equals those of the owner.

A general benefit for the tenant is that rental costs would be lower than they normally would be in other situations. Basically, the property owner gives transfers their reserves in the shape of a lower leasing charge. These leases are favorites for business operators for several reasons:

  • The standard lease is 10 to 15 years, sometimes even 25 years.

  • Rental inflation is controlled, allowing for a long-duration lease.

  • Investors enter consistent proceeds over a long-duration contract.

  • At a few, to zero expense for the lessor, the building in question will seemingly accumulate in worth.

  • Investors do not need to worry about management issues.

  • Vacancies are not a concern.

  • Property renovation expenses are zero, or near to nil.

  • For the sale of a NNN lease investment building, capital may be transferred over into a 1031 exchange to redeem the investor’s costs on tax reprieve.

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Buying a commercial real estate investment property of this sort has specific financial requirements. The investor has to have a minimum accredited net worth of $1 million. This excludes up to $200,000 in income or $300,000 if the purchasers are joint filing, or excluding the value of the filer’s primary home.

This can, of course, make it tricky for a smaller investor to take advantage of triple net lease properties. There are channels open to such smaller investors, however, including REITs, or real estate investment trusts, which are geared specifically toward NNN properties for sale. Here are a few more things you need to look for when considering financing NNN properties for sale.

NNN Loans



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